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Project Description

Purpose of the project was to insulate the full installation system of an incinerator in order to improve energy efficiency.

Coating Solution

HOT PIPE COATING was applied to different elements of the plant.


  • A direct coating on the surface was done without a pre-treatment
  • Application was easy even in areas of frequent access points

Result after insulation:
INCINERATOR (1) : △T = –266°F –(130°C)
INCINERATOR (2) : △T = –302°F –(150°C)
STRAINER (1) : △T = – 257°F –(125°C)
TRAP : △T = –266°F –(130°C)
VALVE : △T = –221°F – (105°C)
STRAINER (2) : △T = –266°F -(130°C)
FLANGE (1) : △T = –185°F –(85°C)
CHANNEL COVER : △T = –221°F – (105°C)
FLANGE (2) : △T = –266°F –(130°C)

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