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Project Description

Anti-corrosion works were needed at three different plants in Russia. There was a need to apply a sturdy and reliable corrosion protection of pipelines and valves without requiring a shut-down of the operations. Furthermore there was a need for corrosion protection of concrete.

All operations were active. Gas pipes were painted with standard coatings without complying with the conditions of preparation, causing the protective layer to peal off. Those areas which were exposed were suffering from corrosion. When removing the old coatings further CUI was found.

All pipelines are located in forest areas, in conditions of high humidity. Due to the low temperature of the gas at the surface there was almost always dew formation. As some of the gas connections had leaks any works requiring the use of spark-producing tools was strictly prohibited.

Coating Solution

For safety reasons it was decided to apply RUST GRIP. The fact that RUST GRIP requires only minimal surface preparation was essential in this project. To remove old flaking paint it was decided to use water jetting. The surface was washed with water under a pressure of 350 bar. This option was ideal as safety requirements prohibited the use of explosive and flammable objects.

For the application of a top coat, which provided the desired colour, it was decided to apply MOIST METAL GRIP. As the application was done in autumn, and there was constant rain and high humidity, the gas pipeline was constantly wet and MOIST METAL GRIP was the ideal solution for this.


1. The work was successfully carried out with safety in mind, without the use of spark-producing tools
2. Corrosion on the surface was fully encapsulated
3. The surface is protected from any further corrosion and atmospheric/environmental effects

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