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Project Description

The purpose of the project was to reduce the temperature inside the brewery and to reduce condensation.

Coating Solution

SUPER THERM was applied to a portion of the roof to compare results with the other half that was treated with rock wool.


On the Kirin documentation, see images, note how the temperature readings increases from left to right. The left roof was coated with SUPER THERM, the right side only had rock wool.

NOTE: There was no dividing wall between the two sections and the heat from the right non-coated side could therefore move to the SUPER THERM coated side making the readings in the middle inaccurate in terms of SUPER THERM’s calculated effectiveness.

Furthermore, during phased implementation Warehouse 5 (not treated) was compared with Warehouse 6 (SUPER THERM applied) and results showed that when it went below freezing WHS 5 had terrible condensation and WHS 6 had none.

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