Thermal Barrier Ceramic Coating

SUPER THERM® is a ceramic based, water-borne, thermal barrier coating that is designed to block and reflect solar heat to cool off surfaces.  As the only ceramic coating developed in cooperation with NASA, SUPER THERM® is the most effective, durable, and long lasting ceramic coating on the market.

SUPER THERM is a water-borne insulating coating that is specifically designed to block heat-load, moisture-penetration, and air-infiltration on virtually any type of surface.

SUPER THERM is time tested in the most extreme environments all over the world, Super Therm is unmatched in its ability to actually block heat load. Super Therm literally revolutionized the way we think about insulation.

  • Reduce Heat Load – Blocks solar heat gain
  • Reduces Heat Stress – Improves comfort and performance
  • Safety/Environmental – Reduces flaring/boil off in LNG tanks and pipes
  • Moisture Barrier – ASTM certified moisture and air barrier
  • Easy to Apply – single component, easy to apply, roll or spray
  • Class A Fire Rated – Will help prevent transfer of fire, will not contribute to flame spread
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant – ASTM tested to block mold
  • Thermal Shock – Reducing expansion and contraction in metal and concrete.
  • Versatile – Can be applied as a primer, intermediate coat, or top coat
  • Colors – Available in any color
  • Acoustic Insulation – ASTM tested to damped up to 68% of sound waves.




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Traditional insulation materials are designed to only slow down heat transfer, while Super Therm is designed to block initial heat load by reflecting 95% of the sun’s energy away from the surface before it can physically be absorbed.  Super Therm simply does not allow the heat to load into substrate due to its advanced combination of ceramic particles that do not have the density to absorb and hold heat.

Logically speaking, if the heat cannot load, then it cannot transfer.  Super Therm is able to reflect 95% of the sun’s energy because it focuses on all three forms of solar heat transfer; ultra violet, visual light and most importantly infrared rays.  Read below for a full thermal tutorial on how Super Therm works.

How does heat move?

Heat moves through one of three basic methods:

Conduction is the energy transfer through solids. Different types of solids transfer heat more easily than others, with metals among the most conductive and ceramics among the least conductive. Convection is energy transfer through gasses or liquids. Currents carry heat energy through the liquid or gas. Most heat energy is transferred through convection.

Radiation is energy transferred through electromagnetic waves. Radiative energy converts to convection when it touches a solid surface.

Where is heat attracted?

As a simple rule, heat always follows cold. Just like water, heat will move through the path of least resistance until it reaches a state of equilibrium.

How is Super Therm® different?

Manufacturers in the past have marketed “reflective” coatings by making claims that they continuously repel heat. The problem with such claims is that these coatings only reflect visual light or short wave radiation, and when they become dirty they stop working completely. Once these claims proved false, all similar coatings were put into the same category and deemed non-viable.

Super Therm® was designed and developed with the assistance of NASA, a fact that can be substantiated. The “ceramic compound” blends found to work the best, and are now used in Super Therm®, resulted from 18 years of testing and research. The difference between the technology of “reflective” coatings of the past and Super Therm® today, is outlined below.

Super Therm®’s has the ability to block all the different radiation waves produced by the sun. Super Therm® not only blocks these waves when first applied, but continues to block them after the coating becomes dirty, which happens to all coatings. Engineering studies performed by the US Government and independent firms, have concluded that the sun’s radiation produces heat from the following sources:

Ultra Violet (UV) which represents 3% of the heat.
Visual light or short wave radiation represents 40% of the heat.
Infrared radiation or long wave represents 57% of the heat.

Once these facts became known, the technology of blocking radiation heat was developed using laboratory testing to identify what methods and elements worked best to address these different types of heat. The ceramics used in Super Therm® were chosen from over 3,200 compounds, which were studied and tested in order to prove that they would block the different radiation waves the most effectively, producing the following results:

Super Therm® blocks 99% of UV heat
Super Therm® blocks 92% of Visual Light (short wave) heat
Super Therm® blocks 99% of Infrared (long wave) heat
This results in an average of over 96% of heat blocked!

Super Therm® has been consistent in blocking solar heat LOAD in all weather conditions over many years. In 30 years of evaluation on sections of an old roof, Super Therm® only lost 8% of it’s heat blocking ability.

In the insulation field, it is known that air flows through walls, around windows and cracks, and can blow air through the existing insulation and prevent it from “holding” the heat. Also moisture from humidity is another factor that will load into the walls and materials, which allows heat to pass through at a faster rate, resulting in heat either being lost in winter, or gained in summer.

Super Therm® is a tested and proven “water barrier”, and not just a moisture barrier. It surpasses the testing that “Dry Lock” and other water barrier materials have attained. Super Therm® can breathe, but is tight enough to block air flow, while also blocking moisture load. When Super Therm® is applied to block heat load, it automatically blocks wind and moisture.

Super Therm® provides an STC 50 rating for sound reduction between walls, a “0” flame spread, Class A fire resistance, and also resists mold or mildew development. No other insulation, water resistant or flame resistant products can cover all the areas that Super Therm® provides in a normal application.

How can ceramic coatings help me?

Ceramic coatings effectively lower temperatures inside of buildings, leading to reduced heat load and less heat stress. Super Therm® blocks solar heat load, moisture penetration, and air filtration.

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SUPER THERM is proven to be the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market today. Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which SUPER THERM has successfully been applied: