Tucson International Airport

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Project Description

Complete airport required treatment of roof to improve the condition of the actual roof while simultaneously reducing overall temperature inside the airport generated by radiance coming from the roof.

Coating Solution

The roofing is “cap sheet" which is tar paper and this requires SUPER BASE (HS) at 95ft2 per gallon and then over-coated with SUPER THERM at 95 ft2 per gallon. Other parts of the roofing is PVC or a plastic type material which is weathered but in good condition and provides good adhesion to accept SUPER THERM easily at 95 ft2 per gallon.In preparation, the roof was power washed to wet down, a concentrated cleaner was sprayed over the roof and large hard bristled push brooms were used to clean the surface and then the power washer was used to rinse this all off before it dried.


Reduced Heat Load into the roof of the building.

Products we used

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