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Project Description

Due to the hot desert temperatures, the client was searching for method of reducing flaring/boil off of their spheroid tanks containing CH4 feedstock at Juaymah NGL fractionation facility.  Since a shutdown was not possible at the time of coating application, the solution needed to approved by safety manager as it would be applied on a live tank which was storing active gas.

Coating Solution

SUPER THERM @ 10 mils DFT was applied to NG Spheroid Tank 203A in June 2013, no primer or topcoat was used.  3,500 psi power wash was used to remove dirt, oil and debris.   Both rope access and telescopic lift were used during painting.


Saudi Aramco Consulting Services Department reported that SUPER THERM reduced flaring resulting in reduction of lost feedstock, and more importantly the reduced flaring resulting in additional safety and environmental benefits.  Site engineers reported a 50% reduction in flaring. Thermal imaging camera pictures comparing tank 203A vs 203B shows a 95°F (35°C) (SUPER THERM) to 124°F (51°C) in the winter time, considered the coldest time of the year. 

SUPER THERM is approved under SAES H001-APCS 5A 

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