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Project Description

There was a need to reduce evaporation and losses of gasoline from sealed roof storage tanks so RUST GRIP was applied. Furthermore SUPER THERM application was done to reduce the heat accumulation by sun radiation and to show the difference to normal white or aluminum tinted coatings.

Coating Solution

RUST GRIP was applied as primer and SUPER THERM as topcoat at the outside walls and roof of the empty storage tank. The inside walls and floor were treated with RUST GRIP to prevent further corrosion by encapsulating the rust. After completion and a curing time of 2 weeks, temperature registration was done to compare the difference to other gasoline tanks.


Temperature readings were made in January 2013

Outside conditions : sunny , 59°F (15°C)

Temperature registered on the aluminum painted tank:   81°F (27°C)
Temperature registered on the ordinary white painted tank:  73°F (23°C)
Temperature registered on the Super Therm® coated tank:   59°F (15°C)

From the temperature registrations at the outside, we conclude a difference between the SUPER THERM coated tank of 45% to the aluminum coated tank. We have a difference of 35% between the SUPER THERM tank and the ordinary white coated tank.

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