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Project Description

There were a considerable number of technical street cabinets that, being under direct sunlight, develop high temperatures in the interior, triggering temperature alarms and causing equipment failures. This caused interruption of the services provided by PT to its clients, and resulted in claims and liability for costs and losses and a more immediate travel cost for resetting the service.

It is clear that protection from sun exposure would drastically reduce the temperature inside the cabinets, and thereby decrease the number of failures by excessive temperature.

Coating Solution

SUPER THERM was applied at a minimum thickness of 250 microns with a high-pressure air-less system.


PT applied SUPER THERM in 32 cabinets in mainland Portugal and Madeira island. The results of the test were monitored between June and October 2011. As a result of the application of SUPER THERM, the number of ventilation failures decreased from 51 to 9 for the same cabinets and for equal periods of time. Company policy is now that all street cabinets have thermometers, and those indicating a risk of over-heating are applied with SUPER THERM.

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