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Project Description

Client was seeking a gas pipeline coating system spanning 11 states from Texas up to Minnesota which can be applied in various types of climates ranging from hot and humid to cold and wet. Additional infrastructure included bullet tanks, vessels, supports and bollards. Some gas pipelines could not be shut down and would have to be applied while online and sweating.

Coating Solution

Dry Surface Spec  
2 coats RUST GRIP each coat @ 4 mils DFT, 
1 coat ENAMO GRIP @ 4 mils DFT

Wet Surface Spec  
2 coats of MOIST METAL GRIP each coat @ 4 mils DFT, 
1 coat of ENAMO GRIP @ 4 mils DFT


A flexible coating system was specified for applicators which could be used interchangeably as the climate and weather conditions changed.  When the surface was dry enough RUST GRIP was used, but when the surface was wet or sweating then MOIST METAL GRIP was used.  The topcoat was always ENAMO GRIP unless the surface was so wet that a polyurethane could not be used and a third coat of MOIST METAL GRIP was used in the desired tint.   Surface prep range from NACE 3 Commercial Blast to 4,000 psi power wash depending on the severity of corrosion.  Application times were significantly improved due to the moisture cure (humidity accelerates curing) properties of RUST GRIP and the wet surface cure characteristics of MOIST METAL GRIP.  

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