ENAMO GRIP is a tough, two-component aliphatic polyurethane enamel, which produces a uniquely hard and durable coating film.  ENAMO GRIP will demonstrate unsurpassed semi-gloss and color-retention, graffiti-resistance, and chalk resistance when utilized for exterior coating applications.  ENAMO GRIP will provide outstanding protection against water and humidity, stains, chemicals, and solvents, as well as tremendous scuff, mar, and impact-resistance.

  • Longevity – protects against UV, wear, weathering and moisture
  • Tough – enamel protects against abrasion, chemicals, solvents
  • Color – unsurpassed color retention, available in any color / sheen
  • Beautiful - will self-level into a beautiful, evenly spread gloss finish (no brush marks).
  • Anti-Graffiti – clear coat for long term graffiti control
  • Smooth – specified for vehicles and OEM equipment
  • Marine Grade – specified for decks and hulls of large marine tankers
  • Flooring – specified for flooring, especially when combined w / anti slip
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant – ASTM tested to block mold and mildew

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Ideal for use in the most demanding environments either by itself or applied over RUSTGRIP ® or MOIST METAL GRIP ® for complete encapsulation of the metal, providing protection from rust and corrosion for a minimum of 20 years in normal circumstances.

Resistant to hail damage and similar abuses that create opportunities for rust and corrosion, completely UV- controlled and weather resistant.  ENAMOGRIP  is a self leveling formula for an outstanding finish. In summary, the overall toughness, durability, and weather resistance of ENAMOGRIP  polyurethane enamels, make them the ideal choice for demanding product applications for architectural maintenance situations that require the utmost in exterior durability. ENAMOGRIP is an ambient/slow moisture-cure coating.

Graffiti-Proof Resistance

ENAMOGRIP ® Clear is usually used as the topcoat for GRAFFITI PROOFING because it has absolutely no pigments for the graffiti to attach to. The ENAMOGRIP ® in white or light colours may show a slight shadow. Once the ENAMOGRIP ® has cured, applications of spray cans, Magic Markers, and other paints etc. can be wiped off completely with Superior's specially-blended graffiti cleaner. ENAMOGRIP ® can withstand years of graffiti removal as it is not affected by solvents and does not breathe to allow spray paints or oils to penetrate its surface. Keytone, MEK or other solvents may be used to remove graffiti from its surface provided environmental considerations are not a factor.

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ENAMO GRIP can be successfully applied to almost any surface in even the toughest environments. Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which ENAMO GRIP has successfully been applied: