Gadsen CSX Bridge

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Project Description

The bridge had previously been coated with lead based paint, and the client required encapsulation without any abrasive blasting.  The only surface preparation was SSPC SP1 solvent wipe of all surfaces which had oil grease or other contaminates.  Pressure wash at 5,000 psi to remove lose flaking existing coating or rust.  Pack rusted areas required SSPC SP 3 power tool cleaning with needle guns.  Containment approved by US Army Corp. of Engineers using perforated heavy duty spray tarps to catch paint chips and debris.

Coating Solution

2 coats of RUST GRIP each coat @ 4 mils DFT

1 coat of ENAMO GRIP @ 4 mils DFt


Bio hazard encapsulation using RUST GRIP & ENAMO GRIP without costly containment and abrasive blasting.  Approved by US Army Corp. of Engineers. 

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