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Project Description

Fuel storage tanks were constructed and installed with lead-based paint and needed to be recoated due to corrosion problems. Customer wanted to avoid having to remove the lead-based paint through abrasive blasting. (This due to the additional work, hazardous working conditions and large concentrated volume of waste generated by abrasive blasting of lead paint.)

Coating Solution

Cleaning: Minimum surface preparation by power wash at 3.500 psi (240 bar) RUST GRIP was applied twice at 150 microns wet film thickness.
ENAMO GRIP (tinted to Desert Tan) was then applied at 75 microns dry film thickness.


RUST GRIP eliminates the need for abrasive sandblasting and the disposal of hazardous waste. The RUST GRIP plus ENAMO GRIP application was found to excel in the adhesion to the metal surface as well as in the toughness to abrasion when compared to the existing epoxy coatings.

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