Omega Fire™ is a single component coating designed to withstand 1200°C (2200°F) direct flame and resist heat transfer to backside.  Omega Fire has a 2-3 hour fire rating.  

Omega Fire™ is a blend of eight ceramics, combined together to create a heat block (firewall) that resists heat migration and fire. Omega Fire™ is a water-based coating that dries tough and is designed to withstand temperatures of 1200°C (2200°F) without collapse or failure.

During a fire, the ceramics in Omega Fire™ will cause the sub-surface to harden and block the flame and repel the heat transfer. Because the heat is controlled, the adhesion side of the coating will remain flexible and the coating will not crack or fall off when the structure expands or contracts.

Omega Fire™ is fungus and mildew resistant. It offers a resin blend to form a tight surface. It stops the corrosive effect of moisture and air from penetrating a coated surface.

Omega Fire™ can be applied to any clean, dry interior surfaces that are free of wax, grease and oil. Omega Fire™ can be used on metal, concrete, stucco, plasterboard, wood, plastic and composite surfaces and on ceilings and walls for fire protection.

Omega Fire™ has been tested for fire endurance under UL testing for 165 minutes and ASTM E119 testing for 185+ minutes (over metal plate – test was stopped without failure of coating).

The combination of HPC® and Omega Fire™ gave a result of 7+ hour rating.

This coating has not obtained UL certification as yet, but has performed many of the UL testing profiles to verify its’ capabilities. Adjustments have been made after all the initial testing to perfect its performance, and initial beam testing is scheduled for January 2021.

Some initial testing along the way have given up to 7-hour fire rating performance and passed the NYC 2-hour support beam testing as well as fire protection for shipping containers. 

  • OMEGA FIRE has exceeded 3 hours FIRE RESISTANCE RATING in the ASTM E-119 (timetemperature curve) structural steel fire test
  • OMEGA FIRE has exceeded 2 hours FIRE RESISTANCE RATING in the UL 1709 structural steel fire test.
  • Using the combination of HOT PIPE COATING and OMEGA FIRE, a 7-hour rating was achieved on a support beam inside the furnace at 1100°C

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Since the coating surface will come in direct contact with flame, a char enhancer was added to form a small char on the surface. This is not an intumescent coating, but instead, a pliable film that reacts to flame. When the char forms, it brings the ceramics up and into the char to allow the char to be tough and remain in place during actual fire conditions.

Superior Products International has been experimenting with and developing the uses of “insulation and fire protection" ceramics for over 10 years. This category of ceramic functionality is new to the engineering fields. Only in recent years has the idea of insulation been associated with this new breed of ceramics. The exceptional qualities of these ceramics have been proven in a number of tests:

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Please contact us for examples of references which show the type of application, solution and markets in which OMEGA FIRE has successfully been applied.

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